These kids are so good at juggling they must be sorcerers

I don't think I am as good at anything as these guys are at juggling. Seriously, like not even walking or sleeping or eating or brushing my teeth. They're so good at throwing multiple random objects in the air and then catching it perfectly that they must be able to use their minds to control inanimate objects. Or be able to freeze time. It's truly impressive.


Like does this really look like something a normal human with just two humans without the ability to control objects or freeze time can do? I really don't think so:

Digg spotted the video, which was posted by Tom Gaasedelen and it basically proves that sorcery exists to me. Also, I don't think there's a more uselessly awesome learned skill than juggling. It won't save you in any real world situation (unless maybe you need to lug around more beers than you can actually carry) but it looks fun as hell to do.

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Sleet in "Lord Valentines Castle" has something to say about this.

"Do you think juggling's a mere trick?"