Slim Gingerbread "Anzu" Phone From Sony Ericsson Leaks, Showing 4.3-Inch Screen

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It seems we weren't the only ones doubting Sony Ericsson's future. In a poll last month, you guys voted on exactly when the company will die—and the results ain't pretty. Will this super-slim Android-running Anzu save them? UPDATED


It's been leaked by the Xperia X10 blog, and is rumored to be their next flagship phone (taking over from the Xperia X10). Will it show up with the Xperia moniker later? Quite probably—ANZU is just the codename, for now.

The leaked photo shows it running Android 2.1, but according to the leakster it'll launch with Gingerbread (2.3). A HDMI-output will be added for the "very, very slim" phone, which is said to have a 4.3-inch screen, too.

What would make you go Sony Ericsson, people? A lack of their TimeScape UI over Android? Better quality hardware? [Xperia X10 blog via EuroDroid]

UPDATED: The Xperia X10 blog has published more pics of the Anzu:


If they can compete with current Smart Phones features then I will get one, nothing has the build quality of Sony Ericsson, they last forever.

I still a have a sony ericsson k810i, which i must have got in about 2007. I took it round the world with me and it survived being dropped from a-top an elephant in Thailand, being stood on by said elephant, being buried in the sand and lost at the beach in Vietnam, then found the next morning, being used as a hammer to break a bike lock we had lost the key for in Cambodia, falling out of a speeding car in the outback and finally being flushed down the toilet in Melbourne; recovering fine a day later once it had dried out.

Still works fine to this day, and looks brand new with a new outa case on it.