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Smoke Grenades Manage to Make Breakdancing Cool Again

Despite films like Breakin’ 2: Electric Boogaloo that helped popularize breakdancing in the ‘80s, the craze has, for better or for worse, become kind of lame over the past few decades. As these dancers demonstrate, however, maybe what was missing was nothing more than a few smoke grenades to liven things up.


There’s probably a by-law or two on the books for your city that discourages the use of smoke grenades in crowded urban areas, but they would also make it hard for pedestrians to actually see your mad dance moves. Luckily, these breakdancers, from the OK World Wide crew, were less concerned with busking, and more concerned with ensuring the ‘80s are never forgotten.


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Sparky Polastry

Breakdancing was never, ever not cool!

This is nonsense and should be stricken from the record!