Snake Plissken Kindly Suggests You Watch This John Carpenter Music Video Right Now

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What’s this? Oh, just John Carpenter performing the theme from Escape From New York live in a Los Angeles recording studio. (Carpenter directed the video, too, natch.) Crank it up, imagine yourself infiltrating the prison that’s replaced Manhattan, and succumb to the incredible urge to suddenly don an eye patch.

Carpenter, whose world tour will give fans their first-ever chance to see him perform his iconic soundtracks live, has a pair of instrumental albums already on shelves, Lost Themes and Lost Themes II. But since he knows what the kids really want, he’s also putting out a pair of “reduxe 12-inches,” featuring the themes of Halloween b/w Escape From New York, and Assault on Precinct 13 b/w The Fog. Those will be out June 17 with limited-run picture disc editions and accompanying t-shirts also available; vinyl junkies can pre-order through Sacred Bones Records.