Sexual proclivities are like snowflakes—bizarre, kinky snowflakes. Many are similar but no two are alike, as evidenced by PornMD's (HIGHLY NSFW) live-scroll of global internet porn habits.

Even the most staunchly non-vanilla folks could probably find something here to clutch their pearls about, but for the most part it's just a fascinating glimpse into the nasty creative minds of really horny people.


There are industry names and predictable keywords, but watching the terms roll by is like an eye-opening trip into a brave new world, one where "sky poop," "ninja fail," and "porno accidente" are all illicit turn-ons.

There's a strange, mesmerizing poetry to the whole thing (and goodness knows we love hard data about porn and the internet).

For the curious, clicking on the blue hyperlinks will take you directly to a HIGHLY NSFW page featuring VERY EXPLICIT related clips, so keep that in mind if your employer isn't as keen as ours is on experimental glimpses into the human psyche. [@andyorin]