Watch a Terrible Delivery Driver Make His Entire Truck Magically Disappear

We’ve all fibbed a little when it comes to our resumes or during a job interview. But apparently ‘knowing how to expertly back a truck full of metal pipes onto a floating barge’ isn’t something you’re going to want to just try and fake on your first day of work.


There’s a really good chance this truck driver isn’t going to have a job tomorrow morning, but as a backup they would certainly make for one heck of a magician. In just minutes they manage to make a multi-ton tractor trailer, with tons of cargo in tow, completely disappear. Impressive!

[YouTube via BoingBoing]


Arggh! there goes a...snake a snake!

So what happened here?

1. Did the boat prematurely depart?

2. Did the boat depart as planned but the truck driver sucks at backing up taking longer than expected?

3. Did the truck backing up onto the barge cause the barge to float backwards because it wasn’t anchored?

4. Because Russia...

Either way, it’s possible it wasn’t the truck driver’s fault completely. Also, he was smart to GTFO when he did.