Someone Wrote Erotic Fiction About Clippy

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It was only a matter of time before someone sexualized a paperclip... wait, what?


A steamy, new erotic fan fiction titled "Conquered by Clippy" just popped up on Amazon for the low, low price of $3. This 4,000 short-fiction-soon-to-be-masterpiece comes from Leonard Delaney, who has also penned such classics as "Mother Fucking Wizards," "Taken By Tetris Blocks," and "Sex Boat."

Here's a brief description:

Christie Aackerlund doesn't need help with anything. So when the world's biggest technology company offers to fly her to a remote location and investigate an alien artifact, all by herself, she's all like "I'll do it! But the artifact isn't what it seems, and soon an overly helpful giant living paperclip is getting her all bent out of shape."

"Yes, Clippy. I WOULD like some help with that."

But before you make a hasty $3 purchase, please note the warning. This is a short story featuring sexual situations with digital assistants—It's for super mature audiences only. [The42]


L. Delaney

Thanks for writing about my literature. I would like your online readers to know that they can get Taken by the Tetris Blocks FREE, today only! What a sensual deal.

Have a blessed day.