Sony's 3DTVs Will Be Available June In UK, Come With Goodies

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While the actual price of the set hasn't been revealed, the HX803 will be Europe's first Sony 3DTV, coming bundled with Blu-rays and games aplenty.


We already know that the PS3 will be compatible with 3DTVs, able to play 3D Blu-rays thanks to a firmware update. Four free 3D PS3 games will be available on the PlayStation Network, so those who sprung for a 3D telly can get a bit more for their money. However, Sony will be launching 3D Blu-ray players, with the S470 model already on sale—and 3D-compatible via a firmware update. The S570 model will be the first player that supports 3D content out of the box, on sale in May.

Sony's promised that more models will follow the HX803 TV "within weeks," with the HX803 packed with a 200Hz frame rate, High Spreed Precision, LED Boost and 3D Up Conversion, all of which are Sony's proprietary names for their technology that makes colors brighter, images clearer and so on. Active shutter glasses are necessary for viewing the 3D content, with the monolithic-design LX903 model coming with a built-in transmitter and couple of pairs of the glasses, but as for the other models you'll probably have to pay for them on top of the cost of the set. The HX803 will come with two pairs and a transmitter for a limited time.

Cloudy With a Chance of Meatballs, and Deep Sea 3D Blu-rays will both be bundled with "selected" 3D products from Sony, but as for other films coming out on 3D Blu-ray discs—well, you'll have a bit of a wait I'm afraid. [Sony]



There is more enthusiasm about the advertisements on this page than about Sony's 3D announcements.

Sony is betting their entire business on 3D, from their PS3, TV's, camera - everything, really. We are the geeks, the early adopters - those crazy people that cannot wait to be at the bleeding edge of technology, and very few of us can see value in a 3D purchase?

Gambling the entire business on 3D is bold, but potentially could sink their company.