Just like the odd eBay storefront that popped up last year, a new site called Factory Outlet eBay Store is selling refurbished Apple products and, despite the lack of any official Apple branding, is almost definitely the result of a partnership between Apple and eBay. And it's selling Apple Certified Refurbished iPhones for cheap.

First discovered by Apple Insider, the store is stocking about half a dozen factory restored, unlocked iPhone 5's for somewhere in the range of $450 and $500, which is nearly half off the original price. And since Apple doesn't actually sell any refurbished iPhones on its "special deals" page, this is pretty much it as far as official, refurbished iPhones go.

And while there's no official indication that Apple's behind it, the outfit does look alarmingly similar to last year's store, but the real giveaway is the full Apple Warranty that comes with each. Who knows how long it will stick around this time, so get your cheap iPhone while you still can. [Apple Insider]