There are more custom versions of Monopoly out there than properties in the game, but this could be the definitive version to snatch up if you're not a stickler for the classic board. Designed and illustrated by artist Charles Fazzino, a long time resident and champion of the Big Apple, this 3D edition of the game pays homage to the sights, streets, and structures found in and around Manhattan.

The traditional properties and game tokens have all been updated to reflect the city that never sleeps, and Fazzino even redesigned the Monopoly money to match the rest of the game's facelift. Just 2,000 copies are being produced, which partly contributes to the game's $500 price tag.


But don't think you're only paying for an artist's name. This edition of the game comes in a two-inch tall wood cabinet with a tempered glass top that reveals a layered, 3D representation of Manhattan beneath its surface. And besides, it's finally a chance to buy Broadway instead of Boardwalk. [Winning Solutions via Cool Hunting]