Space Invader Invades Space

The artist, not the video game. Well, actually, both. Kind of.

If you saw the amazing 2010 documentary Exit Through the Gift Shop, you’ve heard of the street artist who calls himself Space Invader. Even if you haven’t seen the film (which you should, like, as soon as possible), it’s still entirely possible you’ve seen his work.

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Invader travels the world, putting up his artwork in outdoor, urban spaces for everyone to see. That artwork is comprised of tiles meant to invoke the aesthetic of the iconic video game Space Invaders. Virtually every major city on the planet has been “invaded” with his art but, a few years ago, Invader himself had a loftier goal. He wanted to live up to his name and literally send his work to space.

Did it happen? Well, the image above is a bit of a spoiler, but he’s made a movie to chronicle the journey and it’s super interesting. Check it out.

But wait. That’s not what you were expecting, right? Well, you didn’t see the epilogue!

And there it is. Mission accomplished.

[Obey Giant]


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