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In Case You Missed It, Carnival of Space, and Links This Week

It's time for the weekly round-up of all things Space-related. Settle down with a warm beverage, and prepare to lose far too much time clicking through to stories you missed during weekday chaos.


A crazy dust storm in China advanced dramatically in just 2 hours on April 23. Image credit: NASA/Earth Observatory. Read more about it here.

This is the last month of my trial period as an io9 Recruit. If I don't make 300k US People for the month of May, I will no longer be writing here. If that fills you with a gasp of denial, spread the love by sharing out a story you liked from the Space site this week on the social media platform of your choice:


io9 has joined the roving Space Carnival, where space-science blogs contribute their coolest stories in one tidy list for your browsing pleasure. Carnival of Space #352 (we're a bit late to the party) is being hosted on Everyday Spacer. Some contributions are from big-name blogs like Universe Today, while others are hidden away gems of astronomy-delight.

Finally, here's my weekly curated list of space-related stories I thought were awesome that we didn't cover on Space this week:

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Dr Emilio Lizardo

If you make the goal of 300,000 unique people that gawker deems important, do you get picked up for another three months? One month at a time? Longer?