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The week is busy, and it's easy for news to slip through the cracks, so here's your dose of planetary science news in one tidy package for your viewing pleasure.


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It's that time of the week again! I'll shamelessly plead for your help in bringing traffic into the Space subsite, then pass along all the cool planetary sciences stories that we didn't cover. It's my last month as a Recruit, so if you want me to stay, I need your help hitting my numbers.

In Case You Missed It, here's all my stories from Space this week. Like something? Pass it on!


The Carnival of Space is a collection of space science news from around the web. As always, we can't cover everything, so here's space-science-awesomeness from elsewhere on the internet:

Top Image: A massive landslide buried a village in Afghanistan, then a second landslide buried the rescuers. Photography credit: AP/Rahmat Gul

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I really wish my non-US existence mattered for Gawker....