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Speed Tests Show Flash 10.1 Slowing Down Android 2.2 Significantly

We may earn a commission from links on this page.

Here's the bottom line on the first speed tests of Android 2.2: without Flash 10.1, its browser handily beats all comers. But with Flash? It drops to the bottom of the heap. Ruh roh.

The fellows at PocketNow tested a Nexus One running Android 2.2 against an iPhone 3GS and Opera Mobile 10 on an HTC HD2. Load times on the Nexus One were far behind the iPhone's and closer to, but mostly still behind, the HD2. And when Flash elements were on a page, such as a banner ad, scrolling up and down became really choppy and slow. Overall, it just looks like a worse browsing experience unless you're looking to view/use Flash content specifically.


To be fair, the Flash plugin is still in beta and could be tweaked to improve performance, but these early tests line up pretty nicely with Apple's argument against Flash on mobile devices.

So I guess it could come down to this: is it worth it? Is having a phone that allows you to run Flash worth the performance cut, or is it better to be protected from yourself with an iPhone that doesn't support it? Or, in what may be the best option, do you just run Android 2.2 without Flash? [PocketNow via Electronista]