Far From Home does lay it on a little thick with the CGI-heavy action sequences, but they’re far from a chore to get through because of how legitimately cool most of them are. At multiple points in the film, Spider-Man flings himself through the air, web-shooters firing as he’s desperately trying to make sure that priceless ancient architecture doesn’t crumble and kill people, and the action unfolds in a way that really feels as if you’re watching a comic book come to life.


With Into the Spider-Verse still fresh in everyone’s minds, Far From Home had its work cut out for it to create action sequences that convey the frenetic, adrenaline rush you associate with webslinging. The film does a solid job of it, but the real visual standout moments all revolve around Jake Gyllenhaal’s Mysterio. There’s one sequence in particular that features some of the most imaginative set pieces yet to be featured in a Marvel film that far surpasses anything you saw in Doctor Strange or Infinity War.

What’s most satisfying about Far From Home, though, is that by the end, you have a very solid sense of where things are going for Peter and the gang, and it all feels very right. Just don’t forget to stay for the movie’s two post-credits stingers. It feels like the first step towards something bigger. Kevin Feige has insisted that Far From Home is the end of Marvel’s Phase Three, and while that may technically be true, it’s also more. It’s a big, bold leap for Spider-Man into the future of Marvel’s films, and it’s got a strong upward swing that easily makes it one of the better Spider-Man movies in the character’s history.

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