Star Trek: Discovery Returns This October

Michael’s ready to fly the flag for the Federation.
Michael’s ready to fly the flag for the Federation.
Image: CBS

The U.S.S. Discovery has found itself in a future far beyond anything we’ve seen in Star Trek coming out of its second season. And now, we know just when we’ll get to see them navigate that future.


Having said nothing at all about the upcoming season at its Comic-Con panel for Star Trek last week, CBS has just announced that Star Trek: Discovery will return to CBS All Access on October 15—the week after Star Trek: Lower Decks first season will conclude on the service, so you’ve got pretty much non stop Trek every week starting in early August.

The season, briefly teased approximately seven billion years ago at New York Comic-Con in 2019, will see the time-strewn Discovery crew find the Federation of 930 years in their future a pretty dire place to be and take it upon themselves to help restore it to the ideals that have lead to Starfleet’s endurance across the centuries.

Discovery’s third season will run for 13 episodes and will run continuously with no breaks (as there was in the show’s first season) when it lands on CBS All Access later this year.

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DL Thurston

Let’s be honest, Discovery has been a blast so far, and it’s going to be a hell of a lot of fun to see a third season, especially given there’s some great plotting and characters along for the ride.

I hope for a future where there’s a new episode of something Star Trek every week, just moving between different shows as one ends and the next begins. Might be a tall order with COVID production disruptions, but given there’s Discovery, Lower Decks, Strange New Worlds, Section 31, Picard, and still rumors there’s an unannounced show or two, 52 episodes a year might be doable...