Steve Jobs Personally Monitors Who Has Apple Prototypes?

Illustration for article titled Steve Jobs Personally Monitors Who Has Apple Prototypes?

As the next iPhone slipped out, Apple will probably begin restricting access to prototypes and unreleased products. What's curious though, is that apparently Steve Jobs has personally been monitoring who's walking around with unreleased devices all this time.


According to Bloomberg, Steve Jobs doesn't just rely on what we've affectionally dubbed as the Apple gestapo to keep leaks from occurring:

Apple Chief Executive Officer Steve Jobs personally monitors the so-called carry list of staff members allowed to take pre-release devices off the company's campus, according to the former employee. Approved staff members must sign an additional confidentiality agreement, the person said.

This of course doesn't mean that Jobs personally approves who fondles new gadgets, nor does it imply that he's single-handedly responsible for any slip-ups. It just means that the guy takes a healthy interest in the security of products. Kudos, Steve. [Bloomberg]


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