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Funko continues to monopolise your wallet with Sesame Street toys

Illustration for article titled Funko continues to monopolise your wallet with iSesame Street/i toys

Coming soon to a Toy announcement near you: Funko announces that it has the rights to everything ever made in Human History, and is making cute 3 3/4" Vinyl toys out of all of it. But for now, Sesame Street!


Yes, hot of the heels of announcing acquisitions of the likes of Firefly, Big Hero 6, Arrow, The Lord of the Rings and more lately, Funko have announced that they're bringing the characters of Sesame Street to their Pop! Vinyl range. Although the first wave - which will feature the likes of Grover, Bert, Ernie, Big Bird and more - won't actually arrive until 2015, an exclusive 'first to market' Super Grover will be on sale at New York Comic Con this week, for $15.

You hear that, Funko collectors? That's the sound of a million wallets crying out, only to be suddenly silenced. Are there even licenses left for Funko to acquire at this point?


[Toy News International]

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Super Grover is the most perfect item for Funko to put out. Just no Elmos should be their mantra, because for the last 20 some odd years that is all we could get. And if they can put out a Roosevelt Franklin that would be doubly cool .