Survive NYC's 2023 Apocalypse with Crynet System’s Nanosuit

A soldier is only human. No matter how cunning a mind or how resolute the courage, he can become tired. He can become injured. He can succumb to the overwhelming pressure of trying to save the world. So how do you give him the edge against the apocalypse? Simple: invent the perfect battle armor. And how do you do that? Simple: upgrade the soldier himself.


Crynet Systems, the 100% fictional and 100% badass weapons developer in newly released Crysis 2, has created the ultimate armor. The Nanosuit not only protects the wearer from the mean streets of New York circa 2023, but it forges soldiers into fearless, tireless tacticians, with thousands of resources being fed telemetrically into their brains. The Nanosuit wearer actually becomes the weapon—part human, part machine, and entirely ready for what chaos might bring. Oh yeah, and it turns them invisible.

Test out the Nanosuit yourself by playing Crysis 2, the new first person shooter game that combines intense action staged amidst the catastrophically beautiful ruins of New York City, with addictive, dynamic gameplay courtesy of the unique Nanosuit experience. Crysis 2 is available now for or Microsoft Windows, PlayStation 3, and Xbox 360. Head here to order your copy now!


ESRB Rating: MATURE with Blood, Partial Nudity, Strong Language, Violence

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