The Sony NEX-3N was a great camera when it hit the market for $500, but at under $300, this deal is unmissable for anyone looking for a great portable camera, ready to downsize their DSLR, or interested in diving into an interchangeable lens ecosystem for the first time. Retractable power zoom lens, tilting LCD, 16MP, and unprecedented value in this price range. [Walmart]

There's nothing like putting your new surround sound system through its paces for the first time, assuming you survive the wiring process. Grab this 100' spool of AmazonBasics 16-gauge speaker wire that you can cut to suit your needs, and this box of two dozen AmazonBasics 24k gold banana plugs. Those plugs will keep your wires where you want them, and keep you from clawing your eyes out. Even their packaging is frustration free.

You could pay Apple $20 for a single Lightning cable, or you pay Zagg the same amount for two. These Lightning cables are MFI certified and guaranteed to work on iOS 7, unlike most Lightning cables in this price range. You even get to choose your favorite color.

iFrogz UniqueSync Lightning Connector Cable | $10

Logitech UE Mobile Boombox | $50




Home Theater

Phones and Tablets






  • FREE Random Timer | Google Play | Normally $1 | Perfect for games like Hot Potato
  • Revello ($1) | Google Play | Normally $1.50 | It's Reversi
  • Hours Keeper Pro ($2) | Google Play | Normally $4 | Track hours worked
  • PebbleCam ($2) | Google Play | Normally $4 | Preview and control your phone's camera from a Pebble Smart Watch
  • Squanda ($1) | Google Play | Normally $2 | Puzzles
  • Equalizer FX ($1) | Google Play | Normally $3 | System-wide equalizer
  • FlipPix Art - Wildlife | Amazon | Normally $2 | Puzzles









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