Relive the Best Part of the Star Wars Prequels With These Custom-Built RC Pod Racers

Say what you will about The Phantom Menace, but the prequel’s pod racing scene is still one of the best sequences in the entire Star Wars franchise—even when you know Anakin was destined to win. But what if Sebulba had been victorious? Adam Woodworth built a couple of micro RC pod racers that let you rewrite the…

A Brilliant Toy Hacker Turned the G.I. Joe Cobra Rattler Into an RC Plane That Actually Flies

If you grew up in the ‘80s watching G.I. Joe and playing with the toys, you undoubtedly remember the Rattler, Cobra’s workhorse fighter plane. The original toy version was powered by imagination, but Adam Woodworth’s upgraded version—which actually flies—is instead powered by servos and ducted fan engines.