New Set Pictures Give Us Our First Look at Netflix's Sabrina Show

Simon Pegg isn’t so sure about the idea of Quentin Tarantino’s Star Trek movie actually happening. Doctor Strange screenwriter C. Robert Cargill shares some ideas for a potential sequel. Legends of Tomorrow wants to do a Trump story. Plus, tons of new Avengers: Infinity War posters, none of which feature Hawkeye.…

American Horror Story: Cult Finally Revealed Its Villain's Ridiculous Motivation 

It’s been a trying season of American Horror Story, overloaded with smugly on-the-nose commentary about the Trump era, gratuitous re-enactments of cults throughout history, and characters you wish would just die already. Last night’s penultimate episode revealed the sketchy motivation of alt-right fuckboy Kai Anderson…

Stranger Things Was Nearly an Anthology Series, Before Everyone Else Got on the Bandwagon

Netflix’s Stranger Things took the world by storm with its canny and effective use of 1980s nostalgia and a story that was more binge-worthy than anyone expected. That story will continue in season two, but according to series creators Matt and Ross Duffer, the series was almost going to be something more like an…

Is American Horror Story: Cult Actually Turning Its Shit Around?

American Horror Story: Cult started off intensely shrill. Anyone who made it through the first three episodes got a glimpse behind the madness in last week’s fourth chapter, when the show did its traditional “not everything is what it seems” reveal. As its title suggests, this week’s episode “Holes” dug even deeper,…

A Trump Mask Is Just One of Many Disturbing Images in the American Horror Story: Cult Opening Credits

The true focus of the next American Horror Story season will remain a mystery until it airs, but that doesn’t prevent us from speculating like mad. (Who would have guessed Roanoke would be about reality TV?) Today’s clue dump comes from the opening credits for Cult—which are artistically creepy in classic AHS style.


The First Teaser for American Horror Story: Cult Tells Us Nothing, But It Sure Is Full of Creepy-Ass Clowns

Last night, we learned that Cult is the subtitle of American Horror Story’s seventh season, which is themed around the 2016 presidential election and will apparently involve the return of Freak Show’s dreaded Twisty the Clown. Now we’ve got our first teaser. And indeed, it is bursting with evil clowns.

Fresh Rumors About the Spider-Man Villains Coming to Silver and Black

Black Adam might not be in the Shazam movie after all. Rian Johnson debunks a Last Jedi rumor. Kevin Feige has an update on the Fantastic Four’s movie future. There’s another clue for the title of the next American Horror Story season. Plus, new looks at Kingsman: The Golden Circle and Netflix’s Death Note. Spoilers!

Does the Setting for Wonder Woman 2 Mean a Character Is Making an Unlikely Return?

Ciarán Hinds talks playing Steppenwolf in Justice League. Ridley Scott says he’s got plans to re-introduce Ripley in the future Alien movies. A spooky figure returns for American Horror Story’s next season. Plus, set footage from Luke Cage, and how Star Trek: Discovery is sticking to Trek canon. To me, my Spoilers!