Maybe it's a little scary to have all your passwords on a mobile device, but 1Password is the best password manager

Use your Android to remotely control your Mac or PC, anytime, anywhere. Control your desktop, run any application

Impulse shopping, made all too easy on your phone-it remember products you scan (either a photo or barcode) so you

If you suck at remembering things, Astrid is a simple task manager and to-do list. Killer feature? It syncs with the

An Android task manager to kill useless background processes is mandatory, at least if you want your phone running

Powered by Kobo (which has its own Android app) but with Borders gloss. It looks and works decently enough, but is

Kindle's not the only ebook game in town. Kobo, Border's horse in this race, is now offering its 2 million ebook

It's ESPN Radio. On a phone. So you can listen to the talking heads of ESPN make sense of Lebron on live sports

Android doesn't ship with a note-taking app, and if you're gonna grab one, it might as well be one that syncs notes,

Yes, it's vastly inferior to its iPhone counterpart—an unfortunately common theme for Android apps—missing entire

Movies. You like knowing what's playing, right? Flixster's got local listings and showtimes, along with trailers and

Our favorite free multi-protocol IM app from the iPhone, but on Android: If it's a message protocol with more than

A free, and solid camera app with standard—but essential—photo effects, like Polaroid, Fisheye and ToyCam.

Using your phone as a remote control for your computer is practically a God-given right, and Gmote's the best

Google Voice simply changes the way you use your phone, and the app's seamless integration is a killer feature for

Who's that guy? Where's he from? Should I even watch this movie? Solve all your movie questions with Android's

One of the last major apps I've been waiting for on Android is finally here: Kindle. It syncs all of your Kindle

Quite simply, the king of augmented reality apps, able to layer pretty much whatever kind of data you want on top of