Our First Look at the CW's Superhero Crossover, Venom Adds a Familiar Face, and More 

Venom picks up an actor from the MCU, Halloween reveals some extra-gory photos, and the Bond 25 replacement director rumors are in full force. Plus newly cast Star Wars actor Richard E. Grant is already getting hounded to reveal secrets. Search your feelings, readers, spoilers may or may not be true!

Batwoman Needs a Phenomenal Wig for Her Live-Action CW Show

Though film and television studios have figured out how to create convincing, life-like dragons and turn people into legendary gods using VFX, it’s all too common to find that the budgets for the hair and makeup department don’t account for good-quality wigs. We can’t let that happen with the CW’s upcoming live-action…

A Batman Villain Could Become the Main Antagonist of Birds of Prey 

There are more rumors about just what the live action Star Wars TV show could be based on. The Meg director Jon Turteltaub talks the grisly deaths that got cut from the film. Story beats first planned for Justice League could live on in the Cyborg movie. Plus, new looks at Predator and Bumblebee. To me, my spoilers!

What DC's 'New 52' Got Right—And What It Got Wrong

Rumors abound that DC Comics’ new “Rebirth” project will reboot its comics continuity yet again, and put an end to the “New 52" era that began in 2011. Although the current DC universe has often been a mess, it has also resulted in some fascinating new directions for its heroes. In case the end is nigh, we’ve looked…

In DC's Bombshells, Batwoman Messes Up Batman's Origin in the Best Way

When DC announced that their series of World War II, pin-up style takes on their cadre of female heroes was getting a comic, we couldn’t wait to see some of comic’s coolest ladies swing into action—and now we’ve got a taste of just how great it is with a new, Batman-filled preview. Well, sort of Batman-filled.