I'd Actually Consider Going to a Spin Class If I Could Ride Schwinn's Retro-Styled Exercise Bikes

Pour through an old album of your parents (or grandparents) and you’ll probably find a photo of them riding a classic Schwinn bike that looks like it was designed by an aerodynamics-obsessed Oldsmobile engineer. Schwinn has long since updated its bike designs, but the company pays homage to its past with an indoor…

This Bullet-Shaped Bike Just Set a Human-Powered Speed Record

There’s no room for your briefcase so it’s hard to use for your daily commute, but just think how fast you’d ride to work on the Aerovelo Eta which just set a new record for the World’s Fastest Human-Powered vehicle reaching 89.59 miles per hour. That’s faster than you’re legally allowed to drive on most highways.