UK Ethics Council Says Itā€™s ā€˜Morally Permissibleā€™ to Create Genetically Modified Babies

The UKā€™s Nuffield Council on Bioethics says itā€™s acceptable to genetically engineer human embryos, so long as the interventions arenā€™t harmful to the future child or society as a whole. The council is taking a surprisingly progressive position on the matter, but weā€™re still a long way off from the birth of theā€¦

New York Court Says Chimps Arenā€™t Peopleā€”But a Judge Is Not Happy About It [Corrected]

The five year long struggle to free a pair of captive chimps in the state of New York has finally come to an end. Yesterday, New Yorkā€™s highest court denied an appeal by the Nonhuman Rights Project, but one of the judges was clearly unsatisfied with the ruling, pointing out deficiencies in the legal systemā€™s abilityā€¦

Artificial Genome Scientists Want to Build Human Cells That Are Impervious to Viruses

Two years ago, a consortium of scientists, lawyers, and entrepreneurs announced a plan to synthesize an artificial human genome from scratchā€”an extremely ambitious endeavor thatā€™s struggled to secure funding. Project organizers have now disclosed details of a scaled-down version of the venture, but with a goal thatā€™sā€¦

Experts Sign Open Letter Slamming Europeā€™s Proposal to Recognize Robots as Legal Persons

Over 150 experts in AI, robotics, commerce, law, and ethics from 14 countries have signed an open letter denouncing the European Parliamentā€™s proposal to grant personhood status to intelligent machines. The EU says the measure will make it easier to figure out whoā€™s liable when robots screw up or go rogue, but criticsā€¦

Florida Wildlife Officials Are Killing Invasive Iguanas by Smashing in Their Skulls

As part of a $63,000 research project to devise new and effective ways of pruning back the skyrocketing iguana population in south Florida, wildlife officials in the state have started to smash in the heads of iguanas, saying itā€™s a quick and ā€œhumaneā€ form of euthanasia. Sounds dreadfulā€”and it isā€”but the situation inā€¦

Unconscious Patient With 'Do Not Resuscitate' Tattoo Causes Ethical Conundrum at Hospital

When an unresponsive patient arrived at a Florida hospital ER, the medical staff was taken aback upon discovering the words ā€œDO NOT RESUSCITATEā€ tattooed onto the manā€™s chestā€”with the word ā€œNOTā€ underlined and with his signature beneath it. Confused and alarmed, the medical staff chose to ignore the apparent DNRā€¦

New Brain Technologies Could Lead to Terrifying Invasions of Privacy, Warn Scientists

Imagine for a minute that you survive a terrible accident, and lose function of your right arm. You receive a brain implant able to interpret your brainā€™s neural activity and reroute commands to a robotic arm. Then one day, someone hacks that chip, sending malicious commands to the robotic arm. Itā€™s a biologicalā€¦