I Loved Thrawn So Much I Am Looking For Some Blue Face Paint and a White Uniform

Hello, and welcome to a completely biased review of Thrawn, the latest Star Wars book to fit into the space between Revenge of the Sith and Star Wars: Rebels. There are no spoilers here, so feel free to relax. Only don’t, because I am so happy to have author Timothy Zahn’s voice back in Star Wars, I could cry.

The New Easy Rawlins Novel Takes a Hard Look at What Racism Does to Black Genius

I forgot what it was like to read Easy Rawlins books. It’s been years, at least four installments ago, since I visited this slice of South Central Los Angeles. There’s a throbbing of the brain and a quickening of the pulse that happens. It’s no use dodging the jabs of poetry on every page. You’re going to get hit and…