November Is Here, Which Means You Can Add These New Scifi and Fantasy Books to Your Shelves

Andy Weir’s follow-up to The Martian, the moon-heist thriller Artemis, is finally here, but that’s just one of dozens of new scifi and fantasy books out this month. The days are shorter, it’s cold and rainy outside, and there’s no better time to pick out a new book or five to stay home and read. We’ve got you covered.

Add All of These Science Fiction and Fantasy Books to Your August Reading List

August brings the final book in N.K. Jemison’s Hugo-winning Broken Earth trilogy, The Stone Sky—as well as Stephen Baxter’s sequel to H.G. Wells’ classic The War of the Worlds (ominously titled The Massacre of Mankind). And those are just two of the titles on this rather long list, so you’d better start turning some…

The Best Science Fiction and Fantasy Books Coming in 2017 

Will 2017 be the year we finally get our mitts on The Winds of Winter? At this point, even Bran Stark’s third eye couldn’t see if the answer is “hell yes!” or “keep waiting.” But fret not, avid scifi and fantasy readers. The year still holds plenty of promise, as demonstrated by our gargantuan list of most-anticipated…


Stay Out of the Cold, Curl Up with December's Best Scifi and Fantasy Books Instead

It’s practically winter. Why go outside and trudge through the bitter cold when you can stay in and read? This guide to December’s most exciting book releases proves you have plenty of great options to choose from. And if you’re still looking for a holiday gift for your favorite bookworm (or Archer fiend, or Star Wars…