In This Week's Best New Comics, Sex and Drugs Are the Only Way to Survive the Work Week

Everyone has different ways of coping with the day-in-day-out toil of working a job, optimistically trudging toward whatever one’s version of a “weekend” is. But for many, to work often means to pour yourself into labor that doesn’t necessarily bring you any sense of joy, freedom, or expression.

The Power Rangers Comic is Getting a New Creative Team—and a Wild New Team of Rangers

Since it first began, Boom Studios’ excellent Power Rangers series has been masterminded by writer Kyle Higgins—but that’s about to change. A new creative team is on the way, and the currently-ongoing Ranger mashup event that is Shattered Grid means that some unfamiliar faces are going to be the new Power Rangers for…

Watch Jason David Frank Suit Up as an Evil Green Ranger in This Power Rangers: Shattered Grid Teaser

Next week, Boom Studios’ Power Rangers comics are uniting Rangers from across 25 years of dramatically flipping away from giant pyrotechnics for the line’s first major crossover event. To celebrate, the original Green Ranger himself has donned the spandex once more... but not to play the Tommy Oliver you remember.

This Week's Best New Comics Star a Black Journalist, Tentacle Monsters, and Space Ghosts 

When you’re a regular reader of a comic, you’re always somewhat prepared to process whatever’s about to happen in it. Forging that kind of relationship is the challenge that all new series with new characters have to face, and some comics handle it better than others. With that in mind, we’ve selected three new titles…

All the Most Spectacular New Comics Coming in 2018 

A new year is upon us, filled with new opportunities and new hopes... and lots of new comics for you read instead of fulfilling those new opportunities and hopes. Unless they were “read more comics,” because boy howdy, do we have some new series we’re looking forward to in the first few months of the year to show you!

The Justice League and Power Rangers Bring Out the Best in Each Other

Comic book events often rely on a narrowly defined idea of “edgy coolness” to convey a sense of import to the story they’re trying to tell. It’s not enough that the world’s ending—everything’s gotta be gritty and dark. But DC and Boom Studios’ Justice League/Power Rangers crossover is fueled by something else: the…