You Need To Watch This Crazy-Ass Clip From Pandemic Right To The End

We’re all waiting for the POV insanity of Hardcore Henry, but there’s another POV movie coming: Pandemic, starring Continuum’s Rachel Nichols as a scientist dealing with a zombie plague. And here’s an exclusive clip that shows just how bonkers the exposition in this first-person zombie shooter gets. Love the whole…

This Zombie-Fighting Movie Looks Like The Worst First-Person Shooter Ever

Here’s the first trailer for Pandemic, a movie in which Kiera from Continuum goes into a plague zone in Los Angeles to find survivors. And she fights, basically, zombies. The whole thing is shot in a “first-person shooter” style, so it’s sort of an attempt to duplicate the feeling of a video game. Because that worked…

Continuum and the Biggest Pitfalls That TV Shows About Time Travel Fall Into

Check out the coolest moment from last Friday’s brand new episode of Continuum. We’re halfway through the final season of this time-warping cop show, and it still has the power to deliver some really neat character moments. But Continuum is also falling prey to television’s worst habits when it comes to time travel.