Cellphone Dock Ignition Lock Keeps Your Kid from Texting and Driving and Wrapping the Family Car Around a Tree

If you absolutely can't trust your kid to avoid texting while he's driving the family car, the ORIGOsafe provides a brute-force way to keep them focused on the road. It's a smartphone dock that prevents a vehicle from actually starting until a phone is inserted, ensuring the distraction remains out of sight.

JBL OnBeat Rumble: The Most Powerful (and Most Expensive) Lightning Connector Speaker Dock Yet

We get it. You love your iPhone 5 so much that you're willing shrug off the money you lost on the two-year-old, 30-pin speaker dock that's now obsolete. You're ready to invest in an 8-pin dock because Apple wouldn't dare change its proprietary standard again. Right? RIGHT? Don't worry, this burly burnt orange speaker…