The Second Trailer for the Blue Planet Sequel Reminds Us the World Is Still Worth Protecting

We’ve got nine long days to wait until the sequel to the BBC’s spectacular 2001 nature documentary, Blue Planet, airs on October 29 in the UK. Fortunately, the BBC has blessed us with a second trailer for Planet Earth II, which looks like it will make even the most extravagant Hollywood blockbusters pale in comparison.

The Last Animals, Photojournalist Kate Brooks's Poaching Documentary, Is a Quietly Stunning Call-to-Arms 

When director and photojournalist Kate Brooks began filming The Last Animals, which premiered last month at the Tribeca Film Festival, there were seven Northern White Rhinos left on the planet. Now there are only three, all living under 24-hour armed protection at the Ol Pejeta Conservancy in Kenya. Sudan, the last…

Learn the True Stories Behind Schlock Masterpieces Like Re-Animator, Robot Jox, Ghoulies, and More

“We will release 2,000 films by the year 2000.” It was an ambitious statement spoken by Empire Pictures president Charles Band in 1986—perhaps even a doomed one. A new documentary sets out to reveal what contributed to this B-movie studio’s downfall, as well as celebrate its gloriously cheesy triumphs.