The Trump Administration’s Justification for Allowing Elephant Trophies Reeks of Bullshit [Updated]

President Donald Trump’s oldest child, Donald Trump Jr., shoots from the hip when he talks, and he shoots large animals for fun. These are the main things we know about him. While the former is often more newsworthy, that’s been upended this week, with the Trump administration’s extremely controversial announcement…

Can America‚Äôs Most Treasured Endangered Plant Survive Another ‚ÄėMountain Gold‚Äô Rush?

Wild ginseng has been harvested on U.S. soil for over 300 years to feed international demand, but the coveted medicinal plant‚ÄĒalso known as ‚Äėmountain gold‚Äô due to its preference for higher elevations‚ÄĒis fast becoming a highly endangered commodity. With the harvest season recently underway, states from Virginia to‚Ķ