Set a Reminder for the Biggest Space Events of the Year With Just a Click

Things may not go the way you plan in 2018. Maybe you won’t get that promotion, or stick to your New Year’s resolutions but the universe will keep ticking away like a finely tuned clock. The first day of the year will kick off with the “biggest full moon of 2018,” and many other huge events are on the way. Thankfully,…

Marvel's Promise of Fewer Comic Events After Secret Empire Leads to Reveal of Major New Comic Event 

Last April, Marvel’s Senior Vice President of Sales and Marketing David Gabriel told comics retailers that after the controversial Secret Empire, Marvel would put major events “away for quite a while,” and that the publisher hadn’t even discussed a new event “for 18 months, at the very least.” So... surprise?

Meet the Cast of Legend of Korra and Help San Francisco's Cartoon Art Museum Fund Its New Home

San Francisco’s iconic Cartoon Art Museum is prepping a move to a new location next year to house its 7,000-piece strong collection of historic cartoon and animation artwork—and to help support the museum’s transition, local charity Friends For Benefits is hosting a look back at Legend of Korra this month.