Making a Flip Book of a GIF of a Guy Flipping Through a Flip Book of Another GIF Is Genius

Reddit user Stupot McDoodle made clever software that could turn any GIF into a flip book by turning the frames of a GIF into easy-to-put-together squares that could be printed on paper. It’s a fun project—I mean, turning a bit of the internet into a physical object is weird and silly, but what’s even more fun is to…

Netflix's Stranger Things Characters Get Animated in Adorable Flipbook

Netflix’s new 80s sci-fi tribute series Stranger Things is excellent. It’s got the love and adulation of critics and fans alike, including “The Flippist” artist Ben Zurawski. In fact, after binge-watching all eight episodes of the Netflix show last week, Zurawski created a cute flipbook all about the young heroes.