Jul 23 2014

Attention Foursquare users! Starting tomorrow, you'll need to use Swarm to check in to the service. In a few weeks the existing Foursquare app will be getting a complete redesign focused on local search and discovery features.

Jan 30 2014

Starting today, you'll be able to order from GrubHub and Seamless restaurants directly from Foursquare. In addition to the usual info you see when you look up a restaurant, you'll also see the option to order from participating joints. Which is kind of weird because Foursquare is about going places and delivery is Read more

Jun 25 2013

Foursquare's latest update to its iOS app now lets you check friends in, so you're not all blankly staring at your phones and ignoring each other. Don't worry, you'll have to give your friends explicit permission to do so. Just check under the settings tab. [Foursquare]