The Gifted, the Best X-Men TV Show in Years, Will Return For a Second Season

If you haven’t been watching Fox’s The Gifted, you’ve been missing out on some of the best X-Men stories the franchise has ever had. The good news is that there’s still time to catch up before the season finale. The better news is that the show’s coming back for a second season, and that’s incredibly promising.


Chris Carter Doesn't Think There's a Future for X-Files Without Gillian Anderson

This week, Gillian Anderson re-iterated a statement she’d already made clear: X-Files’ new season would be her final outing as Dana Scully. But in the wake of Anderson’s comments, X-Files creator Chris Carter has told fans and outlets that he still sees the potential for Scully’s return... because he doesn’t think…

Disney Says the Door Is Open to Keep Deadpool's Killer Formula

Today’s announcement of Disney and Fox’s monumental deal raises a lot of questions. For example: What are the regulatory implications of dismantling one of Hollywood’s biggest film studios? But another question has to do with one of Marvel’s filthiest characters, Deadpool, who’s since become a valuable Fox asset.…