I guess I should have sent my story to Giz as well since it reminds me of what this tipster had to say. I happened to be in an elevator with Steve Jobs who appeared to be eating a small child, blood smeared across his face and spilling down his turtleneck in evanescent streaks. At first I acted like nothing was off –

It seems nobody complains or even jokes about 20 something or even 30 something year old adults rocking out with little toy guitars and little toy drums, but god forbid someone puts on a pair of 3D shutter glasses, coolness comes to an end.

wait, so you mean that its their strategy to enter a market with a shite product, and then slowly shift their sodden arse up the quality ladder, presuming that the customer will be there waiting for them?

I am 45 years old and I have been an audiofile since I was 12 years old. I have never been able to afford any of the more expensive audio systems, but I do have the "Golden Ears" to tell the difference.

I use DropBox [www.getdropbox.com] and set up a little script that calls whatismyip.org and writes the result to a text file. This is done once an hour. DropBox syncs to my work machine with that text file. That way a static ip isn't needed.

i think the site got hacked because if u follow engadget link u will find the picture and different article but this one is full of shit and Viagra.

I spent 3 days over a weekend, and a friday clearing my domain ( 300+ clients ) of the B variant.