Open Channel: What Did the Government Tell Captain America to Say to These Kids?

It’s Take Your Kids to Work Day, and even the US government has time to “edutaine” some tots. The Department of Defense brought Captain America to the podium for a press conference, where he came face-to-face with an intrepid group of young reporters. Time to theorize about what Steve Rogers is helping the government…

How the Hell Did the Giant Alligator in Rampage Sneak From Florida to Chicago?

Audiences don’t go see a movie like Rampage for things like “logic.” They go to see big monsters destroy things, and Rampage certainly delivers on that promise. However, speaking about logic, or lack thereof, in a movie like Rampage can often times be just as fun as the mindless spectacle. So let’s have some fun.

The Stars of Westworld Make 25-Minute Long 'Spoiler' Video Just to Troll Fans

Last night during a Reddit AMA, Westworld co-showrunner Jonathan Nolan made a bold statement: in an attempt to stop spoilers from ruining fans enjoyment of the show’s upcoming second season, the creative team would release a video detailing the entire plot of the season to select fans. The video is here and... it’s…

They Did It: Hasbro Is Officially Producing Its Largest Star Wars Toy Ever 

Star Wars toy collectors have been keeping a close eye on a special crowdfunding project over the past few weeks. It’s by none other than Hasbro and it’s for a giant (two feet long and over a foot high and wide) replica of Jabba the Hutt’s sail barge from Return of the Jedi. The hope was that 5,000 people would pledge…

Listen to Characters From It, Thor, and Wonder Woman Croon a Parody Song Written for the Oscars

It’s no secret that blockbuster movies rarely get a lot of love on Oscar night. So, this year, producers tried to remedy that by hiring comedy songwriters the Lonely Island to tackle the subject. However, the resulting idea was deemed “financially and logistically impossible” and cut from the show.