Before You Watch Inhumans, Here's All the Crazy Shit Happening to Them in the Comics

Next week, the Inhumans take their first big step into the world of TV when Inhumans arrives on ABC. We’ve told you about the origins of Marvel’s weird mutants in the past, but what are they up to in the comics right now? If you’re looking to dive in before Inhumans arrives, this is what you need to know.


Against All Odds, Medusa's Hair Looks Absolutely Amazing in the Newest Inhumans Trailer

By now, you’ve seen it. That stiff, lifeless red menace that’s come to symbolize basically everything there is to be concerned about regarding Marvel and ABC’s upcoming Inhumans tv series. I’m talking, of course, about Medusa’s hair. Here’s the crazy thing, though: in the show’s latest trailer? It. Looks. Good.

There's Already Rumors About Doctor Who's Next, and Very Different, Companion

An iconic Spider-Man adversary could appear in a weird way in Silver and Black. Charlie Cox discusses the comic book influences behind Daredevil’s third season. The Hellboy reboot is close to recruiting another member of its supernatural cop squad. Plus, new clips from Killyjoys, from Preacher, and more Inhumans