An Eternals Movie Could Be Marvel's Best Shot at the Film Inhumans Should Have Been

ABC’s Inhumans was originally planned to be a full-length movie—until it got stuck in development hell and was repurposed into a less-than-stellar television show, becoming the kind of monumental disappointment that Marvel executives probably have nightmares about. But the studio has a great opportunity to cash in on…

Runaways' Dinosaur Old Lace Is Proof That TV VFX Budgets Can Do Amazing Things

A big part of watching scifi and fantasy TV is teaching yourself to overlook the sometimes shoddy special effects used to bring the impossible to life. Some shows, like The Flash, lean into their VFX’s crappiness for camp, while others, like Inhumans, seem to simply not care. But then there are shows like Hulu’s …

The Terrible Inhumans TV Show Aside, Marvel's Black Bolt Has Never Been More Interesting

Black Bolt Vol. 1: Hard Time isn’t just the first volume of Saladin Ahmed and Christian Ward’s excellent series about the Inhuman king escaping from a prison in space. It also offers some of the best examples of how to revitalize a well-established, but often ignored and misunderstood legacy character.

Did an Agents of SHIELD Star Accidentally Confirm the Future of Inhumans?

Daisy Ridley talks Rey theories and John Boyega talks war in The Last Jedi. Zachary Levi wants Shazam to be DC’s Guardians of the Galaxy. Mako Mori returns in behind-the-scenes footage from Pacific Rim Uprising. Plus, footage from Supergirl’s return and Black Lightning’s arrival, and new looks at Supernatural’s next…

Everything That Happened in Inhumans, for Those of You Who Wisely Stopped Watching After the Premiere

Eight episodes later, Inhumans’ first season—and, between poor ratings and scathing reviews, potentially its last—has come to an end. Did you check out the pilot and immediately bail after seeing what Inhumans had to offer (little in the way of good ideas), and yet are curious to hear how it all panned out? We’re here…

A Teen Titans Movie Is On the Way—But Not the One You Were Expecting

Mark Hamill discusses the opulence of The Last Jedi’s casino planet. Underworld is heading to TV. Star Trek: Discovery’s Alex Kurtzman plots a course for the show’s future. Plus tons of new pictures from Blade Runner: 2049, new footage from The Gifted, Rick & Morty, and the return of Supergirl. Spoilers now!

Before You Watch Inhumans, Here's All the Crazy Shit Happening to Them in the Comics

Next week, the Inhumans take their first big step into the world of TV when Inhumans arrives on ABC. We’ve told you about the origins of Marvel’s weird mutants in the past, but what are they up to in the comics right now? If you’re looking to dive in before Inhumans arrives, this is what you need to know.