Bill Skarsgård Explains How His Castle Rock Character Is the Opposite of Pennywise

Bill Skarsgård became a horror icon thanks to his portrayal of Pennywise in last year’s horror hit It, a role he’ll reprise in the sequel next year. In between, he’s got another sinister turn in another Stephen King-inspired tale, Castle Rock. But as the actor explains, the characters couldn’t be more different.

A Terrifying New Monster Joined the Nun and Pennywise at New Line's Horror Presentation

Well, “new” as in “new to recent horror cinema.” The monster in question has actually been spawning nightmares for generations, as we learned at New Line’s “ScareDiego” horror presentation at Comic-Con last night. And, of course, we also caught up with It’s Pennywise and the glowering star of The Nun.

Pennywise Is Happy He Gets to Hang With the Big Kids in the It Sequel

While filming the first It film, director Andy Muschetti made sure to keep the kids away from Pennywise (Bill Skarsgård) when they weren’t filming so the diabolic clown would stay as terrifying as possible to them. However, now that Pennywise is a celebrity—and It: Chapter Two’s actors are adults—Skarsgård is thrilled…

This Is the Most Terrifying Halloween Decoration You Have Ever Seen in Your Goddamn Life

The TransWorld Halloween & Attractions trade show is going on in St. Louis right now, and if for some reason you thought last year’s It remake wasn’t terrifying enough, come Halloween you can put this demonic, animatronic Pennywise clown on your front lawn, which includes a screaming, one-armed version of Georgie in…

Listen to Characters From It, Thor, and Wonder Woman Croon a Parody Song Written for the Oscars

It’s no secret that blockbuster movies rarely get a lot of love on Oscar night. So, this year, producers tried to remedy that by hiring comedy songwriters the Lonely Island to tackle the subject. However, the resulting idea was deemed “financially and logistically impossible” and cut from the show.

Bill SkarsgĂĄrd Still Has Nightmares About Pennywise After Playing It's Nightmare Clown

Some actors find that the only real way to truly bring a character to life on the big screen is to give part of themselves over to the fictional identity—making space within themselves so that the other being might exist. Actor Bill Skarsgård learned the hard way that sometimes, that process has consequences.

Pennywise Doesn't Eat a Baby in It's Deleted Scenes, But There Is an Alternate Ending

After It was released, some of the excitement surrounding the film was about what wasn’t on screen. Director Andy Muschietti teased that the home release might have an extended version of the film, plus rumors abounded of a gross flashback scene involving Pennywise devouring a baby. Now a list of the actual deleted…

One io9 Staffer Hates Clowns, so We Dressed Her Up Like Pennywise From It

It’s not uncommon to find someone who’s afraid of clowns—in fact, we found one right here at io9! Video producer Eleanor Fye hates clowns, and now she officially hates everyone at her office. Because Halloween is about confronting your fears, we coerced Eleanor to be made up like Pennywise from the It reboot. And what…

Stranger Things Was Nearly an Anthology Series, Before Everyone Else Got on the Bandwagon

Netflix’s Stranger Things took the world by storm with its canny and effective use of 1980s nostalgia and a story that was more binge-worthy than anyone expected. That story will continue in season two, but according to series creators Matt and Ross Duffer, the series was almost going to be something more like an…