An Eternals Movie Could Be Marvel's Best Shot at the Film Inhumans Should Have Been

ABC’s Inhumans was originally planned to be a full-length movie—until it got stuck in development hell and was repurposed into a less-than-stellar television show, becoming the kind of monumental disappointment that Marvel executives probably have nightmares about. But the studio has a great opportunity to cash in on…

Your Guide to Steppenwolf, the Villain of Justice League, and DC's Other 'New Gods'

Justice League finally hits theaters this week, and while its villain, Steppenwolf, is not the big bad many were expecting when the movie was first revealed, he opens up the gateway to a whole new corner of DC Comics canon: Jack Kirby’s legendary Fourth World and its New Gods. Here’s a spoiler-free guide to…

Iconic Thor Creator Walt Simonson Talks About Jack Kirby, the Most Important Comics Storyteller Ever

Today is the 100th birthday of comics legend Jack Kirby, the artist who co-created many of Marvel’s most famous superhero characters, including Thor. In the video below, hall-of-fame creator Walt Simonson talks about Kirby and the impact his work had on his own career, and the medium of comics overall.

New Mister Miracle Comic Will Explore the Tragic Irony of Jack Kirby's Escape Artist Jesus

One of Jack Kirby’s most iconic (and weirdest) creations is returning to DC Comics, and bringing an equally mindbending creative team with him: Tom King—the man who wrote some of the best superhero comics in recent history in The Vision and The Omega Men—and Sheriff of Babylon’s superstar artist Mitch Gerads.

DC's Newest Young Animal Series Is a Deep, Deep Jack Kirby Cut

DC’s Young Animals imprint is giving us some of the weirdest, most enjoyable books around lately—Doom Patrol, Cave Carson, Shade the Changing Girl, the list goes on. The latest book heading to Gerard Way’s imprint is equally weird, but it’s a pull back far into the wonderful mind of the legendary Jack Kirby. Forager…

DC Comics Is Celebrating Jack Kirby's 100th Birthday With a Weird New Kamandi Series

On August 28th, 2017, comics legend Jack Kirby would’ve turned 100—and as part of a year celebrating his contribution to the comics industry, DC has lined up a huge roster of writers and artists for a bizarre new “challenge” series, based on one of Kirby’s more out there creations: Kamandi, the last boy on Earth.