Kin Would Be Way More Interesting If It Knew What Kind of Movie It Wanted to Be

There are a handful of scenes scattered throughout Lionsgate’s sci-fi thriller from directors Jonathan and Josh Baker that are direct callbacks to Bag Man, the twin directors’ 2014 short about a young boy hiding a dangerous secret from the world. In those moments, you can see how the Bakers have grown as filmmakers in…

The Short That Inspired Kin Is a Complicated Exploration of Being Black and the Symbolic Power of Guns

Bag Man is the 2014 short film co-written and directed by brothers Jonathan and Josh Baker that’s the basis for their new feature film Kin. It stuck with me far longer than I thought, especially given its compact 15-minute runtime. Its dialogue is sparse, its visuals are familiar, and the larger story it hints at is…

2 Members of the Secret Six Are Making Their Way to DC's TV Universes

Nicolas Cage discusses his role in Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse, Jasmine’s finally going to get a solo song thanks to Disney’s live-action Aladdin, and some behind-the-scenes drama from Child’s Play. Plus, more members of DC Comics’ Secret Six may be making their way to live-action soon. Duck! Spoilers ahead!

Marvel Already Has Directors in Mind For the Long-Awaited Black Widow Movie

Quentin Tarantino’s Star Trek movie could create a whole new timeline. Chris McQuarrie says he’s spoken to Henry Cavill about the Man of Steel sequel. Katee Sackhoff has joined Netflix’s next big scifi show. Plus, what’s to come in the DC/CW universe. Dread it, run from it... spoilers still arrive!