Kingsman 2 Director Is Very Annoyed You Know Colin Firth's Character Is Alive

Even though directors are in charge of creating movies, selling those movies to people is usually none of their business. Sometimes that can have consequences, like how the “Bohemian Rhapsody” trailer for Suicide Squad reportedly led to a rewrite of the movie’s tone and structure. In other cases, it can actual spoil…

Fresh Rumors About Marvel's Plans to Bring Power Pack to the Big Screen

There’s some very weird rumors about Supreme Leader Snoke’s appearance in The Last Jedi. Loki’s plans in Thor: Ragnarok are revealed. Josh Brolin smashes a mirror for Deadpool 2. Plus, new images from Once Upon a Time’s return, Star Trek: Discovery episode titles, and new footage from Kingsman: The Golden Circle.…

We Already Know One Classic Team Member Who Won't Be in Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 3

And James Gunn plan to explore the origins of Rocket Raccoon. Nicole Kidman reveals a weird moment for her Aquaman Queen. Andy Muschietti wants to go cosmic in the It sequel. A returning princess gets a new face in Once Upon a Time. Plus, new Star Wars: The Last Jedi images and an odd new Punisher tease. Spoilers!

Crazy Rumors About the Potential Star of DC's Shazam Movie

Steven Moffat is full of praise for Jodie Whittaker’s first Doctor Who scenes. The meaning behind the codename of Benicio Del Toro’s mysterious The Last Jedi character might have been revealed. Plus, Rose McIver discusses the politics of iZombie’s new season and a new picture from Justice League. Spoilers now!

It's Already Time for Crazy Rumors About the Joker Origin Movie

A Maleficent sequel is in the works. Daredevil is casting a mysterious new regular for season three. The singer of the next Bond movie’s title theme might be a doozy. Plus, new looks at Kingsman: The Golden Circle and the starship bridges of Star Trek: Discovery, and the cast of iZombie teases the next season.…

Avengers 4 Set Pictures Tease More Hints About Tony Stark's Future

There’s more rumors about whether or not Jesse Eisenberg’s Lex Luthor is in Justice League. Marvel TV has plans for a new female-led TV show. Could Legends of Tomorrow send Jonah hex into space? Plus, new looks at the return of Outlander, pictures from Game of Thrones’ season finale, and a new Dirk Gently trailer.…

More Teases For One of the Potential Game of Thrones Spinoffs

Adam Wingard says there will be a victor in Godzilla vs. Kong. Willem Dafoe discusses filming underwater scenes without water in Aquaman. Krysten Ritter says Jessica Jones season 2 is all about heart. Plus, new pictures of Deadpool 2's Cable and from the set of Avengers 4 and even more Han Solo movie set teases.…

Don't Get Too Excited For That Crazy Rumor About Superman's Return in Justice League

Patty Jenkins is very close to directing Wonder Woman 2. Get another look at a few of the heroes showing up in Avengers: Infinity War. The live-action Jetsons remake is getting a pilot. Plus, more footage from Riverdale, Inhumans, and Death Note, and tons of images from Thor: Ragnarok. To me, my Spoilers!

New Kingsman: The Golden Circle Footage Showcases Culture Clashes and Physical Ones

For all its style slickly choreographed fight sequences, Fox’s Kingsman franchise is way more interested in being ridiculously fun to watch than anything else. That’s not to suggest that a grappling umbrella isn’t cool (it totally is,) but rather, Kingsman knows that it’s that much flyer because of how insane it is.