Krypton Has Found Someone to Play Lobo and Add to Superman's Convoluted Backstory

Turns out, should Krypton be believed, the story of how Superman’s homeworld eventually blew the hell up was way weirder than we ever knew. That’s thanks to the magic of time travel—and also the DC Entertainment show’s innate desire to throw any character it can into the mix. The latest attempt, Lobo, now has a face…

New Rumors About a Major Meeting of Characters in Game of Thrones' Final Season

Could Gwyneth Paltrow have let slip a big secret for Tony and Pepper in Avengers 4? Peter Jackson may be pondering a return to Middle-Earth, or a weird new adventure. Simon Pegg wants in on a Captain Britain movie. Plus, what’s to come in Riverdale’s season finale, and more casting for Stranger Things season 3.…

Updates on the Future of the Marvel Cinematic Universe, Fantastic Beasts 2, and More

Kevin Feige dishes on the future of the Marvel movieverse, from Fox deals to Moon Knight to Black Panther 2. Joe Russo confirms a certain character from the comics is definitely not in Infinity War or Avengers 4. There’s some wild rumors about Black Widow’s solo movie. Plus, some things that aren’t Marvel-related!…

Yes, It's Already Time for Some Really Wild Star Wars: Episode IX Rumors

Chris Evans sets up where Steve Rogers’ head is at going into Avengers: Infinity War. Jamie Lee Curtis talks about “retelling” a classic for the new Halloween. Ron Howard teases a fellow Howard’s appearance in Solo: A Star Wars Story. Plus, you’ll be waiting a while for Netflix’s Witcher show, and... a new Doom movie…

A New Avengers 4 Casting Rumor Hints at the Big Twist of the Movie

Lynda Carter says she’s could be making an appearance in Wonder Woman 2. There’s more rumors about who’ll be joining Harley Quinn in the Birds of Prey movie. Colin Trevorrow is already teasing Jurassic World 3. Plus, intriguing casting for Stranger Things’ third season, and new looks at Cloak and Dagger. Spoilers get!

Dwayne Johnson Thinks the Black Adam Movie Could Start Shooting Next Year

Daniel Craig reconfirms his return to James Bond. DC still has hopes for a Birds of Prey movie. Thanos wants to get snapping in a new Infinity War TV spot. Plus, more footage from The Meg, Team Flash faces the Thinker, and some Legends of Tomorrow stars could be going rogue in the next season. To me, my spoilers!

New Gotham Set Pictures May Give Us a Sneaky Look at The Joker

Zachary Levi says “Shazam!” for, err, Shazam. Hawkeye is getting some cool new toys in Avengers: Infinity War, while the screenwriters behind Avengers 4 tease Captain Marvel’s arrival. Chris Carter discusses The X-Files’ future after last night’s finale. Plus, what’s to come on The 100 and Krypton. Behold, spoilers!