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May 30 2014

In this week's Landscape Reads, we learn all about Yellowstone's "Zone of Death," the bitter rivalry of pallet companies (yes, pallet companies), the ultimate cause behind Alaska's Funny River fire, and more.

May 21 2014

Why exactly does the melting of the West Antarctica ice sheet matter? (Hint: look at that image.) What's the secret to seamless driving in Google's automated car? Why are we racing slime molds? Catch up in this week's Landscape Reads!

May 5 2014

In this week's landscape reads, we get to see just how screwed we are in the drought, visit a 2 billion-year-old nuclear reactor (all natural!), investigate mysterious fires in North Korea, and tour tornado shelters that look like real-life hobbit holes.

Apr 28 2014

In this week's Landscape Reads, we visit the giant, steel sarcophagus that will soon encase Chernobyl, go inside the battle for "solar rights," pay tribute to the blazing fires that created the American prairie, and follow the secret highway crossings of bears.

Apr 23 2014

Alligator fat can be made into biodiesel (and, yes, they have a lot of fat). Extreme cavers descend into the dark and dangerous depths of Earth's deepest cave. And we tour the original, long-lost SeaWorld that never was. It's time for the week's Landscape Reads!

Apr 16 2014

What could Apple possibly want with a dam in Oregon? Is raising condors with hand puppets going just a bit too far? Why should we all start eating prickly pears? Hey, it's time for this week's Landscape Reads.

Apr 8 2014

Where on Earth is this freaky lava pool? Why do people hate love locks? Is it true that fire ants love the suburbs? And what do the soon-to-be-lost sounds of the industrial age sound like? All your answers are here, in this week's landscape reads!

Mar 25 2014

A toxic and deadly week in landscape reads. We learn how, remarkably, tourist poop is flown by helicopter out of national parks, how Silicon Valley exports toxic waste all over the country, how poison lurks in our old televisions, and how the land can just fall away in the form of Washington's deadly mudslide.

Mar 17 2014

Why are the colors in this (not photoshopped!) image so weird? Why did the CIA recruit Howard Hughes for deep-sea mining? Why are bikers up in arms about an obscure Wyoming land dispute? What is the new car smell? Answers to this and more in this week's landscapes reads!

Mar 10 2014

What is True Detective really about? Was Stonehenge originally built as a musical instrument? What does springtime on Mars look like? What if light were a drug? Here are some answers is this week's landscapes reads!

Mar 4 2014

In this week's landscape reads, we rediscover the future of steampunk energy, we walk the radioactive shores of a manmade island in San Francisco, we climb to the top of California's surreal palm tree economy, and we look back with both amusement and horror at pest control in communist China.

Feb 25 2014

Take a dip in the salty waters of the Dead Sea, visit a surprisingly musical milking parlor, get swept away by the surreal majesty of "underwater rivers," and go birding in the urban alleyways of Cambodia—all in this week's landscape reads.