New Results Quash ā€˜Alien Megastructureā€™ Theory of Mysterious Dimming Star

The results are now in after a year-long, crowdfunded investigation into the star KIC 8462852, and to hardly anyoneā€™s surprise, the strange dimming produced by this star doesnā€™t appear to be caused by an alien megastructure. That said, astronomers are now significantly closer to knowing the true reasons for the starā€™sā€¦

Wild New Theory Suggests Radio Bursts Beyond Our Galaxy Are Powering Alien Starships

Since their discovery ten years ago, fast radio bursts have confounded astronomers. These intergalactic pulses of radio energy have defied explanation, but a new theory suggests a technological origin, whereby aliens use these beams to propel their ships through space. Extremely speculative stuff, to be sure, but itā€™sā€¦

This May Be the Best Explanation Yet For That Mysterious ā€˜Alien Megastructureā€™

New research suggests that Tabbyā€™s starā€”the celestial object voted most likely to host an alien megastructureā€”is acting weirdly because it recently annihilated an entire planet, and the shattered remains of that planet are now producing strange flickering effects. Itā€™s probably the best theory weā€™ve heard so far.

What Are the Odds of an Alien Megastructure Blocking Light From a Distant Star?

A strange star located 1,500 light-years from Earth is exhibiting strange flickering behavior thatā€™s leading some scientists to speculate that an alien megastructure is blocking the light. But what would such a structure be exactly and how likely is it that the Kepler space telescope has actually spotted one?