Merriam-Webster Now Recognizes 'Embiggen' as a Perfectly Cromulent Word

Pop culture plays a huge part in the process of transforming made up, nonsensical words into perfectly acceptable parts of the lexicon. Today, Merriam-Webster announced via Twitter that “embiggen”—a word that frequently pops up in Marvel’s Ms. Marvel series whenever Kamala Khan shapeshifts her body to make it…

Merriam-Webster Just Used Stranger Things' David Harbour to Explain 'Dad Bod'

David Harbour’s Jim Hopper made a big impression on viewers after the Netflix series Stranger Things debuted, but season two kicked it up a notch. Harbour’s Hopper dance was admired around the world and then some, and cemented him the coveted “dad bod” title. Now Merriam-Webster is making sure we know how to use it.