40 Years of Lego Minifigures: What's Your All-Time Favorite?

If you’re a Lego aficionado, there’s a good chance you’ve occasionally bought an entire set just to add a single, four-centimeter plastic figure to your collection. Today Lego is officially celebrating the 40-year anniversary of its Minifigures, so now’s as good a time as any to discuss which one is your all-time…

A Truly Amazing Batman: The Animated Series Figure, and More of the Best Toys of the Week

Welcome back to Toy Aisle, which after a post-Toy Fair break, is back and ready to tempt your wallet with all sorts of lavish toys and collectibles. This week, we’ve got a very special Lego minifigure, almost comically deadly darts, and a Jabba worthy of any great Hutt’s display cabinet. Come take a look!

You Can Beam Whatever You Want From My Wallet for These Custom Star Trek: TNG Minifigures 

Unfortunately, back when Star Trek: The Next Generation was airing and ushering in a new generation of Trekkies, Lego hadn’t yet realized the full potential of licensing movies and TV shows for its building sets. As a result, Star Trek: TNG has never officially been available in plastic brick form, but these custom…

Lego's Next Series of Collectible Minifigures Includes a Mermaid Batman and Superman's Dad

Lego’s second feature film, The Lego Batman Movie, wasn’t as big a hit as the toymaker’s first theatrical outing, but it was one of those rare times when the sum of its parts was greater than the whole. That’s why Lego is creating another series of blind-bagged minifigures based on Batman, and all the wacky DC Comics…

A Figure With Han Solo's Best Shit-Eating Grin, and Other Cool Toys of the Week

Welcome back to Toy Aisle, io9's round up of the best toys we’ve seen all week. This time we’ve got tons of new Lego minifigures, the most amazing Magneto cape, entirely unrelated magnetic building blocks, a spectacularly poseable Spider-Man: Homecoming figure, and yes, the best grin on a Han Solo action figure ever.