This Classic Powerpuff Girls Villain Has Given Up His Life of Crime to Join the Gorillaz

Though the Powerpuff Girls are excellent at fighting crime, they’ve never been all that great with rehabilitating villains because, well, they’re children who can’t be expected to do the penal system’s job. That being said, at least one member of the Utonium girls’ rogues gallery seems to have gotten his shit together…

All Manner of Photoshop Evisceration Befalls Spoon Singer Britt Daniel in New Music Video 

The new video for rock band Spoon’s “Do I Have to Talk You Into It” consists of lead singer Britt Daniel being rapidly morphed, deformed, beautified, clone-stamped, liquified, and peeled apart in Photoshop. At one point, Daniel is transformed into a coyote, the Photoshop interface drops away for a split second, and we…

John Carpenter Hits the Streets for His New Music Video Tribute to Stephen King's Christine

As horror and scifi fans well know, John Carpenter isn’t just the director of genre classics like Halloween and Escape from New York—he’s also a killer musician who has created some of the most memorable movie scores ever. With that in mind, he’s shot a brand-new video for his theme to 1983's Christine.

John Carpenter's New Music Video Is a Dystopian Audio and Visual Delight

The video for “Utopian Façade,” off John Carpenter’s Lost Themes II, isn’t actually directed by the horror master. But directors Gavin Hignight and Ben Verhulst definitely took inspiration from Carpenter’s style—plus some other cool science-fiction influences (can’t resist those Logan’s Run vibes) too.